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Pavion Blue Capital

Our Focus

Pavion Blue Capital, LLC was founded to focus on two primary passions:

  • Disciplined Investing
  • No nonsense, timely, efficient, proactive, and focused client service

Our clients’ interests come first. They entrust us to take care of a very important element of their lives. We appreciate this trust and are committed to reinforcing it every day.

In an increasingly complex, fast-paced world, we seek to filter out the noise, reduce the complex down to the essential, and focus on the long-term opportunities. Our goal is to discover investments priced at sizable discounts [relative] to underlying value. Ideally, the discounts are due to factors that are transitory. Through a disciplined focus on the price paid for an investment, we are looking to create a portfolio that maximizes return and minimizes risk.


We build and manage individual investment portfolios. Accounts are managed on a fee-only basis. We are your fiduciaries, as such, your interest always comes first. Your assets are held at an independent custodian such as Fidelity Investments.

We believe that investment results and client satisfaction are highly dependent on there being an understanding of our investment process. As a result, we take as much time as necessary in the beginning to educate the client and understand the client. There must be a match between our methodology and client expectations.

Client service is very individualized. We let clients determine how they would like to be serviced. For example, how often to schedule a call or meeting. Some clients want very little contact and others want more…it is up to you the client. Clients are always encouraged to call us with any questions and/or concerns. We will always try to be proactive and contact the client when something important presents itself.

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